Theatre Crisp is a 7 piece
Hip-Hop/Funk/Rock band from Niagara, Ontario.

Their unique sound inspires positivity to lift the human spirit. Drums, bass, guitar, trombone, turntablism, and tap dancing, yes tap dancing lay the foundation for poetic rap verses and soulful choruses. In a modern world filled with so many issues involving politics, race, sex and religion. The band forces their listeners to find the light in the dark. They have a one of a kind style, giving high energy live performances to leave every venue they play feeling good.


Kyle Petch – AKA “humbleHAB” – Lead Vox
Jay Baty – Lead Guitar/Back Up Vox
Damian Kai Hercules – Drums
Nicholas Serbina – Bass
Fearghas Gundy – Trombone
David Cox AKA “D.C.” – Taps
DJ K-Flip on the 1’s and 2’s


College / Digi Radio Promotions Festival / Skateboard Event Touring
Street Team Activation
Social Media Engagement
PR Push to Urban/Skate Media

NEW ALBUM | “It’s an Obligation”

Like the album title says, Theatre Crisp feels its their obligation to make this music. Its their right to make people feel good with their sound. It’s music for the everyday working individuals who at the end of the day, need to come home and put on some tunes they can relate to. Something that will fill them with positive vibes and take their mind off anything that is breaking their spirit. The entire track listing on the album has a relatable concept for every listener. Wither its dealing with growing up, relationships, the everyday struggle, or the government. It’s an Obligation touches on so many relevant subjects in todays world. It also shows a huge maturity in the bands sound. The song writing and instrumentation has hit a whole other level. This marks their third full length album behind the previous two, Soul Food and Modern Daze.


Release Date: APRIL 2017


Growin’ Up:

The evolution of growing from a teenager to an adult. Finding your path in life and doing what makes you happy above all else, rather than folding to the system. Age is just a number and it should not define us. Everyone struggles with getting older but that doesn’t mean you have to stop having fun.

Get It:

The every day struggle is real for so many people and we’re all guilty of doing the wrong things to try and make us happy sometimes. Many people are not what they seem and yet others judge them from the surface. All of us are much deeper than we appear to be and everyone should respect that.

Cup of Ambition:

On the surface this song is a high energy roller coaster of flavour. Under all of that funky instrumentation, is a politically charged concept that tells the listener to stand up for what they believe in. The government should not control the people, we should control our government. Pour yourself a cup of ambition.