Grab Your Audience By Their Eyes!

Grab Your Audience By Their Eyes!

Grab Your Audience By The Eyes – Backdrops for your stage.


A stage backdrop is a cost effective marketing tool for any solo artist or band’s shows. After consulting for hundreds of bands/artists about audience development and marketing over the last 15 years, we have pushed the importance of engaging their audience with the best stage presence as possible. Here are 4 reasons artists, bands, & brands should consider this small investment in your music marketing campaigns.

1.Your logo is Value.

 Every time you get on stage your logo brand on your backdrop quickly becomes embedded in the minds your audience. Never underestimate the power of a well-designed stage backdrop or scrim: these stage banners will push your artistic image to greater recognition.

2. Be A Leader. 

The smart bands do one thing really well: they Engage Their Audience. There’s a lot of competition to retain people’s attention, especially at a festival; a sexy (industry slang for professional) backdrop or scrim with clean, bold imagery will position your brand and style front row, capturing a one to one experience with your audience.


3. Engage From The Stage. 

Have you ever paid to go to a concert where the featured band or artist had no stage decor? Pretty disappointing. Creating a memorable experience will enhance your music and will actually sound different to your audience.  They can SEE your brand on a stage, HEAR your music and then Feel your Merch. Remember, “Grab Your Audience By Their Eye”

4. Make Your Stage Awesome.

Not all bands have a huge budget for expensive screens to place on stage. With BandPush’s cost effective, Artist Marketing Package, artists and bands can purchase a beautiful stage backdrop. It’s light weight, portable, quick & easy to set up.

We would love to help you find the right backdrop or scrim,  email us today for a no obligation free estimate.