The Sattalites are charming audiences once again.

The Sattalites are a Canadian reggae group. They came together over twenty years ago in Toronto, Ontario as a music school; from then they have flourished across Canada as a very influential reggae group. They signed with the Canadian record label Solid Gold Records early in their career and have been with them ever since. The worldly vibe that they emit comes from a wide variety of instruments and vocals and their peaceful attitude towards life.

Jo Jo Bennett and Fergus Hambleton, the first members of The Sattalites, met while touring with reggae singer afreen and the pair began performing together, mixing Bennett’s instrumentals with Hambleton’s smooth alto voice to create the unique Sattalite sound. The band started as a teaching group who opened The Sattalite Music School on a pay-what-you-can basis to spread their influence in 1981. The Sattalites consisted of various types of students from the school who wanted a sense of live performing. By 1982, The Sattalites had melded into a collaboration of musicians from exceptionally talented beginners to experienced pros, some of whom still perform. They became very well known for their enthusiastic live performances which initiated their extensive touring across Canada and the United States. It was the only Canadian band ever invited to play at Jamaica‘s “Sunsplash“, playing before 25,000 people, and they gave an excellent performance at the 1993/94 World Skiing Championship in Whistler, British Columbia. As two-time Juno winners, The Sattalites are known as Canada’s longest standing reggae group.
The Sattalites are a very well-rounded musical group instrumentally. There are seven members who are almost all multi-instrumentalists, working together to create the smooth and unique sound for which they are known. There have been a number of different members who have been in and out due to the large range of instruments used. Fergus Hambleton has been the lead vocalist since the band’s beginning but is accompanied by Jo Jo Bennett and Bruce Robinson. Hambleton also plays the guitar, alto sax and the keyboard for The Sattalites and has played in a number of other bands including A Passing Fancy and The Ginger Group in four decades of his musical career. Jo Jo Bennett, an equal founder of the group, focuses his talents not only on vocals but on the flugelhorn and percussions. The other five members, David Fowler, Bruce McGillivray, Junior McPherson, Rick Morrison and Bruce Robinson, bring it all together with Fowler on keyboards, McGillivray on bass, McPherson on drums and electronic percussion, Morrison on saxophone and Robinson on piano and vocals. During the 1980s and 1990s, Felix Taylor also played trombone in the band and provided smooth vocal talent to some of the songs. With a different attitude and flavor coming from each member they are a genre of their own


Hermina George – Vocals

Trish Campbell – Vocals

Fergus Hambleton – Lead Vocals, Guitar & Sax

Sun Ray Grennan “The Riddim King” – Drums & Vocals

Bruce Mack – Bass

Fearghas Gundy – Trombone

Howard Moore – Trumpet

Sam Wellar “Mad Scientist” – Keyboards


Audience Development Performances


Toronto Street Festival YDS


“The Sattalites provided the crowd with a perfect afternoon of reggae style easy listening music that had people dancing and singing along, it was an absolute pleasure”

Rick Lowes – 93.5 MooseFM Morning Show Host

“These guys performed a near perfect set, total feel and class, while putting out a fantastic groove. with amazing vocals. The most fun I have had mixing in quite some time.”

Norm Thornton, Chief Sound Tech for Waterdown Rib Fest & Burlington Rib Fest

“It was great to come back after a day of hiking and listen to the smooth groovin’

of The Sattalites. The reggae beat puts you in the mood to move and the sweet vocals and harmony captivated your attention and had you listening to original and creatively covered familiar tunes with a reggae twist.”
Kris Kadwell, Canoe FM Host

I am the stage manager for the 16th annual Hike Haliburton Festival in Haliburton, Ontario. The fact that this was the second year in a row that they were asked to perform at this event attests to their popularity. They are a wonderful reggae band and a joy to work with. Their music is infectious and within minutes of starting their show, they owned Head Lake Park in Haliburton and charmed everyone there. Their years of playing together, in all kinds of settings, shows. The concert moved along seamlessly with a very high energy level. I trust that they will soon be receiving an invitation to return next year. An outstanding group to work with!
Sean Pennylegion, Stage Manager Haliburton Hiker Festival

2019 Summer Festival Tour

Sat June 15 – Innisfil Rib Fest (Ont. Festival Grp Tour)

Sun June 16 -Beaches Rib Fest (Northern Heat Tour)

June 29th – Waterdown Rib Fest

July 13th – Huntsville Rib Fest (Ont. Festival Grp Tour)

Aug 3rd – Wasaga Beach Rib Fest (Ont. Festival Grp Tour)

Aug 10th – Haliburton Rib Fest (Ont. Festival Grp Tour)

Aug 16th – Haliburton Forrest Festival

Sept 14th – Owen Sound Rib Fest (Ont. Festival Grp Tour)

Sept. 22nd – Haliburton Hiker Festival


2018 Tour

April 7- Eat & Drink Norfolk
May 27 – Niagara Folk Arts Fest “JUMP UP”
May 28- Niagara Springlious Festival
June 4 – Northern Heat Rib Fest Tour – Hamilton, ON

June 16 – CTV Saskatoon Morning Show Live Performance
June 17 – CTV Regina Morning Show Live Performance
June 18 – Saskatchewan Summer Solstice Festival
July 2 – Toronto Rib Festival
July 3 – Waterdown Rib Festival
July 4 – Hamilton It’s Your Festival
July 17 – Northern Heat Rib Fest Tour
July 29 – Hamilton Food Fest
August 6 – Brantford Rib Fest
August 20 – Bolton Rib FestAugust  25 – Winona Peach Fest
September 3 – Burlington Rib Fest
September 10 – Waterloo Summer’s End Music Fest